Santa Barbara in Nickel

This example of the revolver in nickel plate surfaced in a Spanish auction house in 2010. The catalog description suggested that the piece came from a member of the factory workforce

Vernickelt 1


The serial number carried a “10” at the beginning, so one suspects the nickel finish represents post-purchase custom work, not a special finish applied at the factory.




Vernickelt 2

                     This very beautiful version features a hammer accented in a matt finish.


 Typ 3 in "Nickel dress"

Santa Barbara probably did not nickel plate this revolver.  The imitation ivory grips help confirm this view. The piece is indeed splendid to behold. But it came originally from the supplier CVA in the USA. It shows several elements  evident also on the less engraved models.  (Beispiel) This Type 3 was offered through an auction house by the arms dealer Zwack. Unfortunately, the original grips are no longer present.



Here we find the serpent engraving and also the little flowers again.








                            The ivory-like handle fits perfectly to the nickel-plated overall picture.













                                                                                    A real beauty!