Engraved Leaf Pattern

The New Model Army worked in the Engraved Type 1 pattern is the first example of the engraved model. Up to now, no information could be found about the engraving style. Relevant production dates and the number of revolvers engraved also remain uncertain today. 

 santa barbara engraved 1 type gauche


Thanks to the World Wide Web, we have initiated contact with the originator of the site http://poudrenoire.free.fr  and have downloaded from there a few interesting photos. Now we are finally able to present the still missing link in the chain.

 santa barbara engraved 1 type droite

                                                           Santa Barbara Type 1, right side

                      Obvious here are the varying wooden grip plates, which nevertheless belong to the revolver! 


santa barbara engraved 1 type armature poignée

                               Since the type 1 to the "economy        
version" under the           Engraved models is sometimes
the handle back not decorated
(left side picture)


 Type 1 Griffrücken





                                Also cut be ordered the handle back with 10 leaves.








The little leaf pattern is easy to recognize

santa barbara engraved 1 type barillet


                                                       With the new art of proof stamps.

Typ 1 Andre 2 2

Typ 1 Andre 3

Typ 1 Andre 1

  Typ 1 Andre 2