Engraved Sun Pattern


The New Mode Army in the Engraved Type 2 version forms the mid-place representative of the engraved models.  Still uncertain remains the answer to the question whether the colorful case hardening of the loading lever and hammer shown on this particular example occurred outside the factory.  In any case, the work makes for a very beautiful piece of craft handwork. Why such inexpensive engraving was carried out on this version, unlike that found on the Type 3, remains to be determined.

                                               Beautiful, hand-cut engraving on the Type 2


Dieter 3


The swallowtail is unmistakable here    Is one of the three connections!







Conspicuous immediately is the fact that Type 2 revolvers reported thus far have a swallowtail for connection with the barrel.  Is this a coincidence or an intentional configuration?


1347513475 6











The serial number shown on the inside of the grip plate reveals this model arm  was probably not taken from the general production run, rather it was either  a special order or simply the result of production being paced to incoming orders. Only when we have at hand sufficient connected, sequential serial numbers, will we know if a discrete production block was set aside to supply the engraved arms.  Unfortunately, the grip plates shown here have been replaced. How nice it would be, within the scope of this project, to find the proper grip plates and exchanged them for the present pair.

 13475 4

Here the sun presents herself in her full splendor!  The designation debuted in these pages.

Clearly visible at the edge is the entry track of the cylinder stop. How it might be restored will be discussed later in the “Help, what now?” section.

13475 3

The engraving patterns resemble each other in some respects.

Note here the “9” on the breech end of the barrel!

Close examination reveals the magnum groove.  See “Help, what now?”


13475 1


13475 7


 Dieter 2



The precision of the weapon speaks for itself and can be used successfully by a skilled shooter in 
championships, today!

20171219 121704 resized




 20171219 122354 resized


                       Very rare to find the original box with the note engraving Type 2

20171219 122013 resized


Type 2  engraving exhibits the artistic freedom of its craftsman.  A design template probably existed, but it left rendering small nuances to the artist.

T2links 44                      

                         Snake-form embellishment above the chamber and on the borders

T2rechts gr


This Type 2 example surfaced in the USA, complete with a short engraved section on the barrel. Round about 1.680" is the length of this engraving.


T2 Fr


T2 Kimme

                                                     10 leaves are on the back of the grip

10 Blätter


New Model

The cylinder with no ugly grooves caused by the rotation on it, you shut remove the stopper and put it away well, so that it stays so beautiful.

trommel T2

                                         On the right side the original markings of the spanish authority of guns

T2 rechts


               Ob dieser Typ 2 Revolver von der linken Laufseite abgeschliffen wurde, damit der Schriftzug 


            dort seinen Platz findet, bleibt zunächst ein Rätzel. Es wurde aber auch auf der Laufwurzel das

                           Beschusszeichen für Schwarzpulverwaffen mit glatten Läufen angebracht.

                            Geklärt ist nun die Bezeichnung  2 * B, diese steht für die Prüfung 1982.

linke Seite 2

 Die rechte Seite hat die Gravur vollständig von vorne bis hinten.

 rechte Seite Gravur Blätter entrollender Farn


Eine weitere Möglichkeit, seinen Liebling aufzuwerten, wäre ihm eine Goldeinlage und schöne Hirschhorngriffe zu verpassen.