The Plant or “Nine” Engraving

The New Model Army in the Engraved Type 3 pattern is the most extensively engraved representative of its kind sold by the Spanish firm Santa Barbara. The fine embellishment attracts due to the very beautiful, deep engraving.  Free of decoration remain the loading lever, trigger guard, and three lower surfaces of the octagonal barrel


Extensive hand-engraving of Type 3



Comparison of the serial numbers of the engraved New Model Army with the non-engraved versions shows the former arms also came from on-going production. Revolvers selected for engraving must have been removed from the line before they were stamped with the caliber designation and other proof marks.


                                                        proof marks on the botton of the grip


                                                   Proofmark in front of the cylinder

Beschuß vorne Trommel

Kopie von Beschuß vorne Trommel





Grip Reverse

Gravur Typ 3 4



Engraved small pattern caliber designation

Kopie von SBa 1


SBa 1



The substantial decoration conforms well to the shape of the arm

Gravur Typ 3 1

 Typ3 1



Lettering seen from above


Gravur Typ 3 6


Gravur Typ 3 7


Gravur Typ 3




Top view

Gravur pflanze 6



Barrel starts with the „nine“

 Gravur Typ 3 5



Gravur Typ 3 8Cylinder showing a plant or “Nine”                   


Many Type 3 revolvers show the trademark of the dealer Hoffmann.  Was he the sole importer of the engraved models?

Additional questions arise from an engraved Type 3 revolver in stainless steel discovered recently in an online shop. Absent are the proof marks which normally appear on the handle base. Then too, the working of the swallow tail front sight appears quite awkward.  And how did the revolver get its blank finish? The gold-plated trigger guard further suggests these anomalies occurred outside the factory. Nevertheless, the revolver presents an attractive appearance. Fortunately, the original grip plates are still in place.





There are no proofmarks to see



Normally, we found ther proofmarks on the rigth side or on the botton of the grip, here is nothing!














Traces of bluing remain evident on the sight


The packaging is also less imaginative. A simple label on the usual polystyrene carton designates the engraving pattern present on the enclosed revolver.