Powder Flasks


Powder flasks form a separate field of interest and attract increasing numbers of collectors and enthusiasts today.



Powder flasks protect the powder and facilitate loading by means of variable charging spout designed to deliver the exact load.  Flasks are forbidden at most shooting ranges today because the appliances fail to meet safety guidelines. A spark or glowing percussion cap could turn the flask into a hand grenade which no one would want to be near if happens to explode.


          Two different spouts and measure with instruction for “Made in Italy” black powder





Proper measure depends on the pellet size of the powder, so its weight should be controlled. Black powder marksman calculate the load required in grains. One gram equals 15,432 grains.

Flasks different in details according to:

- Manufacture trademark

- Physical condition

- Size

- Material

- Size of the charging spout

One of the best-know flask manufacturers is Dixon and Son of Sheffield, England. Then follow the various Italian flasks whose manufacturers remain unknown today. These products were sold by Petersoli, Hege, CVA and many other suppliers. The features which distinguish an original from a copy remain to be determined.

                                                                              This flask from an Italian

                                                                         manufacturer shows the famous

                                                                              Colt rampant horse motif.


IMG 0012

These copper flasks

and packaging date

 to the 1970’s.



IMG 0017





Caliber designation on a box

used for a.44 revolver.











                                                 These additional flasks await further identification.

                                Hunting dog                                                                           Neptune

                               Copper flask                                                                         Brass flask

























                           A brass charger from the basic equipment of Connecticut Valley Arms, USA.





                                                       Seldom offered in our auction houses

                 Powder flask by Dixon & Sons                                Stamping is rather weak, but still visible


4 P10106051 P1010602 








                                                                                                                                                                                Charging spout also shows marking

                            2 P1010603







The variation Texas flask has two triangular eyelets to take a leather strap. The explanation shown on the carton reverse speaks for itself.


Texasflasche 2
















Kopie von Texasflasche

The Texas flask is made from heavy copper. It shows on both sides a scene from the Revolution, and has a large brass charger spout